RouteMX™ Mail Protection


Our RouteMX™ managed e-mail filtering solution protects your business from unwanted e-mail and dangerous e-mail viruses, malware and phising while improving the reliability of your e-mail systems.

Managed E-mail security

RouteMX™ helps protect your business from much more than just unwanted mail, by using a multi-layered scanning engine combined with powerful anti-malware and anti-phishing defences we can protect your business from all types of e-mail bourne threats including phishing. As part of the RouteMX™ filtering solution you'll see improved e-mail reliability as well as protection for outbound e-mail too. We manage to achieve this level of protection all while keeping the number of false positives to the minimum thanks to an array of innovative technology.

As a fully managed hosted solution, it's easy to implement with an affordable range of pricing depending on the number of mailboxes and domains you wish to protect.

Reduce unwanted spam e-mail

RouteMX™ includes full anti-spam capabilities with a high level of accuracy.

Protect from malware & viruses

Complete malware protection which blocks all types of malware attacks from entering your mailboxes.


Improves e-mail reliability for both inbound and outbound mail.

Managed Service

We look after the whole solution for you so you can focus on your business.