Synfluence® Cloud


Synfluence® Cloud is a new and innovative cloud hosting platform, designed specifically for the direct requirements of small to medium businesses that require enterprise-class availability.

The next-generation cloud hosting platform

Synfluence® Cloud allows you to run your web-based applications on a distributed public cloud platform, all from a single-pane of glass without any complexities. It's designed as a solution for small and mid-market web applications to scale correctly without the complex management of traditional virtual or dedicated servers. As such, Synfluence® Cloud carries all the benefits of an enterprise-class cloud platform with the simplicity of traditional point-and-click hosting.

Traditional hosting often fails to scale while true cloud hosting is complex and virtual servers are often a single point of failure. The main difference between Synfluence® Cloud and other cloud platforms is that we have built-in everything you would expect from an enterprise-class cloud hosting platform to one simple pane of glass with absolutely no management overhead. We do all the clustering, load balancing, application firewalls and database replication for you - so you don't have to.

We created Synfluence® Cloud because of the genuine requirement for an affordable, scalable and easy-to-use hosting platform for the majority of small-medium scale web applications.

Synfluence® is a registered trademark of Synfluence Cloud Limited


Powerful, performant and highly reliable - all the things you'd expect from a enterprise grade hosting solution.

Instant Scalability

No need to manage resources, it's all done for you with no user interaction. Quickly scale without downtime.

Easy Simplicity

Simple to use - just like traditional hosting, with a simple clear dashboard to manage your hosted resources.


Load-balancing, multiple availability zones, failover... it's all built right in for maximum reliability.