Ad-hoc IT Support


Our simple, on-demand expert IT Support is designed specifically for small businesses who prefer the flexibility of a hassle-free pay-as-you-go service.

Simple, on-demand IT Support

If you have small IT requirements you may prefer the flexibility of on-demand IT, just when you require assistance. Our consultants are able to assist you with new installations and projects, consultancy and resolution of any IT issues you're experiencing. On-demand IT support is a cost effective solution when you only need occasional assistance from an experienced IT consultant.

Experienced Experts

Our expert consultants have a wide range of expert knowledge, so you'll work with someone that knows how to assist you quickly and efficiently.


If you only require support occasionally then ad-hoc support works out as a cost-effective solution for resolving any IT issues as and when they arise.

Simple hourly rate

Our standard ad-hoc support is simply billed by the hour, with a simple and clear pricing model and no hidden charges.


If you require a fixed-cost for a larger project or a block of hours for consultancy, our FlexSupport™ may be suitable for you.

FlexSupport™ a flexible service for start-ups or small businesses

If you're looking for a flexible service suited to your start-up or small business, we can arrange for a fixed-price project or a block of time allocated to the project instead of an hourly-rate. This is a great solution for businesses that require a larger amount of inital assistance but without the committment of a managed IT service.