Our virtualisation solutions allow your business to maximise the efficiency of your hardware investment and simply IT operations. Our consultants are able to help with all types of virtualisation from Hyper-V, vmware and KVM on Linux.

Increase efficiency and improve reliability

Virtualisation is a proven technology that is transforming the way we use IT. Traditionally servers run a single operating system, which leaves most machines vastly under-utilised which increases the cost of ownership and has a huge single point of failure. Virtualisation dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources in your organization while reducing cost.


We are able to implement and assist with Hyper-V Virtual solutions including Azure Stack, maximising your Windows investment on a trusted enterprise-grade hypervisor.


We are able to support customers with vmware installations and help achieve better availability and disaster recovery.

KVM on Linux

We are able to design solutions running KVM Linux for customers that require a linux-based solution with mostly linux-based workloads.


We are able to design container-based solutions running on Windows Server or Docker along with orchestration and management solutions.

Benefits of Virtualisation

Reduce hardware costs

Increase utilisation of existing hardware by running multiple workloads on single servers.

Increased availability

Increase reliability by having workloads split between servers with the ability to set-up high availability.

Increased performance

Prevents applications from using all available resources and helps improve responsiveness by splitting loads.

Fast deployment

Deploy new servers and migrate them to new hardware quickly, with no management overheads or downtime.