Private Cloud


Our private cloud solutions enable your business to take advantage of cloud technology with increased performance, security and flexibility backed by complete managed support.

On-premises, co-located or a mix of both

Our cloud experts are able to design and implement a private or hybrid cloud solution that's tailored specifically for your business. Private cloud allows you to take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology within your own premises or hosted within our private cloud data center.

Private cloud can offer additional security and performance over a public cloud, which is particularly useful for certain Line of Business (LOB) application servers. Our experts can guide you though making the right choices depending upon your business requirements.

Improved security

Private cloud offers you improved security over running workloads within a public cloud, this is especially important for high security data applications.

Improved performance

You can utilise both on-premises or colocated hardware with a private cloud solution, which can offer a much improved cost vs performance ratio.


Gain improved reliability either by replicating servers between data centers or using failover solutions by utilising the same technology as a public cloud.


Since a private cloud is generally dedicated to your business, there are little to no architectural limitations. You always have full flexibility at all times.

Why private cloud?

Private Cloud solutions are based on the same or similar technologies that drive public clouds. Often running some workloads within the public cloud can cost significantly and it may make sense to keep those workloads on-premises or colocated in a data center close to your business. However, because of the similarities between the two, you still gain many of the benefits of public cloud such as virtualisation, reduced cost, higher utilisation and improved disaster recovery or failover.

Our consultants are here to help you choose the right solutions that will help maximise your investment in the cloud and take advantage of the next-generation in technology.