Serverless Workplace


Our serverless workplace solution is designed to enable your business to adapt quickly and realise better efficiency by combining the latest cloud technology with premium managed support, empowering your business for the future.

The Modern Workplace

The challenge

Legacy IT systems with big bulky servers often don't meet the mobility and security requirements of a modern business.

Servers consume space, require power/cooling and require regular maintainance. If those servers are old, you might consider replacing them at significant cost. It's all so messy - for many small businesses this creates a technical debt that's hard to escape. What if we remove those challenges entirely?

The solution

A future reimagined to remove all legacy servers and replace them with a fully-integrated managed solution where there's no physical servers.

Serverless defines the future by removing the 'server' and delivering the 'solution' through the 'cloud' and by removing that technical debt you can reach better efficiency and productivity allowing your business to be more agile in a way that's never been possible before.

Features & Capabilities

Secure Identity

Secure identity based on Azure Active Directory, enables secure employee authentication to your business resources.

Cloud File Storage

Company data and file sharing in the cloud, provided by Microsoft OneDrive & Sharepoint - protected by our data backup.

Endpoint Protection

Advanced threat protection of all endpoints using our multi-layer security stack, protecting your business from security threats.

Managed Site

Integrated fully-managed web hosting, domain names and DNS to take the hassle away of managing third-party vendors.

Managed Gateway

Protecting your connectivity with a fully managed next-generation firewall and the option of 4G/5G backup.

Managed SD-WAN

Fully-managed Internet connectivity, delivering the right solution for your bandwidth requirements.

Managed Network

Ensuring connectivity and scalability with fully-managed network infrastructure, including managed switches.

Managed Wireless

Deploy company wide, secure access wireless LAN - fully managed and supported by us - with no hassle.

Managed Print

Fully managed print solution, helping your business save money and print more efficiently.

Managed Vendor

Save time and hassle by letting us manage third-party vendor relationships.

Business Telephony

Fully integrated cloud-based telephony allowing your employees to work from anywhere without being restricted by a traditional PBX.

Team Collaboration

Use the latest team collaboration tools to help your employees communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Infrastructure Management

Complete infrastructure management with pro-active monitoring, so you can focus on your business rather than worry about IT.

Premium IT Support

Our comprehensive IT support is included so each employee has access to our help-desk whenever they need assistance.

Keeping you secure & connected

Technology should be there to help your business grow, succeed and thrive and that is exactly how we approach our solutions. Our serverless workplace solution ensures your business is well prepared for the future with the latest technology and security solutions to make sure you stay secure and connected no matter where your employees may be.

Your technology partner

We're all about supporting our customers every step-of-the-way, becoming less of an 'IT company' and more of a technology partner to help you build your business through technology. We want to help you drive business efficiency through productivity, which in turn enables you to do what you do best; growing your business.


Mobility & Agility

Our serverless workplace solution requires no servers on-premises, so you can allow employees to work from anywhere securely and efficiently without the hassle of traditional IT systems.

Security & Protection

Cyber criminals are always looking to take advantage of security weaknesses. Our serverless solution protects your business and employees from security issues with our powerful multi-layer defense stack.

Modern & Efficient

Stay ahead of the curve with a modern IT infrastructure that doesn't fit into a lifecycle replacement of traditional servers. This allows your business to drive better IT efficiency with the latest technology.

Affordable & Predictable

The advantage of everything being contained within one solution is that it enables you to better understand and budget for IT spend without unexpected infrastructure costs due to aging servers.

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