Cyber Secure Business


A next-generation managed cyber security solution encompassing multi-layer defence with intelligent AI to protect your business from new and evolving emerging cyber security threats.

Cyber Secure Business Solution

The challenge

Businesses now face cyber-threats everyday from multiple sources and many are finding a significant increase targeting small to medium businesses. Security is a growing concern that you just can't ignore, as it poses significant risk.

The solution

Through the use of our advanced threat technology combined with first-class consulting services we can ensure your businesses is ready for the growing risk presented by cyber threats. We combine multi-layered defence for next-generation threats with the use of our AI and DarkTrace technology.

Features & Capabilities

Secured Identity

Protect user identity and corporate logon with secure 2-factor authentication and single-sign-on (SSO).

Password Management

Enable secure storage and compliance of passwords across your organisation. Say goodbye to sticky-notes!

Endpoint Protection

Advanced threat protection of all endpoints using our multi-layer security stack, protecting your business from security threats.

Multi-Layer ATP

Multi-layer advanced threat protection to prevent infrastructure based attacks using the latest technology.

Data Compliance

Protecting you from potential data leakage from employees and un-secured file-sharing and assist in identifying data risk.

Data Protection

Protecting your business from data loss with enterprise level multi-point CDP backup with low RPO and RTO.

Security Testing

To identify new risks, it's important to test your security regularly. Our cyber security analysts will conduct regular testing.


To stay ahead of the curve, we as your technology provider will conduct regular on-going consulting for your security solution.

Keeping you secure, all the time

Technology should be there to help your business grow, succeed and thrive and that is exactly how we approach our solutions. Our cyber secure business solution ensures your business is well prepared for future cyber attacks with the latest security solutions to make sure you stay secure all the time.

Your technology partner

We're all about supporting our customers every step-of-the-way, becoming less of an 'IT company' and more of a technology partner to help you build your business through technology. We want to help you drive business efficiency through productivity, which in turn enables you to do what you do best; growing your business.


Protect from traditional attacks

A cyber secure business is protected from traditional style attacks such as compromise of systems, malware attacks and e-mail phishing attacks.

Protect from modern threats

Cyber criminals are always looking to be one step ahead, now it's your turn to be one step ahead. Cyber secure businesses are protected from emerging new threats.

Gain control and compliance of data

The advantage of a cyber secure business is that you have additional control and compliance of company passwords and data - preventing data leaks and risk in the first instance.


The advantage of everything being contained within one solution is that it enables protection for a wider-scale of threats and keeps pricing affordable and predictable.

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